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BUY NOW   Elementary Map Skills PowerPoint Bundle              This bundle includes 4 PowerPoint presentations for elementary students. They are short enough to use for a mini lesson to introduce the concept. This bundle includes: Compass Rose, Map Grids, Map Keys / Legends & Symbols, and Different Kinds of Maps. You will receive a zip file with 3 versions: 2003, 2007, and PDF.

BUY NOW   America the Beautiful PowerPoint

This 36 2007 PowerPoint presentation includes the lines from the song America the Beautiful and gorgeous photographs.


BUY NOW   Texas Our Texas State Song PowerPoint                 Each line of the song Texas Our Texas is on a PowerPoint slide. Sing this song with your students. It is a 4th grade level TEK in Texas. 

BUY NOW   Texas Social Studies Unit: Teaching Maps              This fourth grade Texas Social Studies unit on maps includes 12 days of lessons. Each lesson is designed to take 30 minutes or less. Many of the lessons will only take 10-20 minutes.





The following list is a collection of American History Websites that are both teacher and student friendly. We've included sites for students and sites with curriculum ideas and lessons for teachers.

World Almanac for Kids

This section of the World Almanac for Kids is devoted to American History. It includes kid friendly information about our government, a historical timeline, historical documents, American presidents, and information on each state.

American Heritage Education Foundation

This site for teachers has tons of free lesson plans on both American History and Texas History. You can download pdf files or order a free CD or binder of all of the materials.

The Learning Page

This interactive site is sponsored by the Library of Congress. Students can complete interactive online activities on different aspects of American History and important Americans.

Dancing Presidents

This fun page shows each president dancing along with one line stanza of a complete poem that takes you through American History.


Black History

This site is sponsored by AT&T and includes web links, an interactive treasure hunt, a subject sampler, and webquest.

Digital History

Digital History is free virtual textbook filled with guided reading selections, lesson plans, images, maps, movies, and more. This site is most appropriate for secondary teachers, but may prove a useful resource to elementary and intermediate teachers as well.

Voices Through Time

This site is a lesson plan bank for elementary through secondary teachers. The lesson plans feature music lyrics.

White House Kids

This fun site for kids is brought to you by the U.S. government. Kids can learn all about the White House and the President of the United States.

America's Story

This site is brought to you by the Library of Congress and is appropriate for teachers of intermediate and secondary students. The site includes interactive stories, scavenger hunts, American music, and more.


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