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BUY NOW  Desk Fairy

This desk fairy file is dusted with golden magic. Get your students motivated to keep their desk neat and tidy with an incentive chart (add a stamp or  stickers), reward coupons, and clean sweep tokens.

BUY NOW  52 Graphic Organizers for Reading, Thinking, and Learning

This file includes 52 graphic organizers. Many of the organizers are generic and can be used across grade levels and subject areas.

2 Year Round Reward Coupons

Just print, cut, and hand out these colorful coupons throughout the year for great behavior.

BUY NOW  Lesson Plan File Folder

This file includes four "at your fingertips" pages filled with important lesson plan components like Bloom's Taxonomy, Socratic Circles, Multiple Intelligences, and more.


BUY NOW  12 Months of Microsoft Word Newsletter Templates

Available in Microsoft 03 & 07.


BUY NOW  Active Engagement Strategies for Teaching and Learning                                                                              

This 15 page packet includes: 30 Ways to Engage Students in Learning, Color Coded Signal Cards,Yes / No Answer Cards, Agree / Disagree Answer Cards,11 Creative Ways for Creating Random Groups, 20 Famous Pair Cards for Forming Partnerships, 2 Teachmarks with Thinking Prompts (bookmarks), 1 How to Have a Conversation Classroom Poster, 12 Active Assessment Strategies

BUY NOW  Blank Monthly B&W Calendars

BUY NOW  Classroom Management Forms & Tips                      

16 pages of classroom management forms & tips to keep you on track and in charge of things.






Classroom Management and Teaching Articles

  Free Download! The Great Chart Paper Survey

Learn a simple and effective way to gain the information you need without putting anyone on the spot. Chart paper surveys are great way to assess students attitudes and thinking on a variety of topics. The surveys can also be used in teacher workshops!

  Five Mistakes Teacher's Make  What is the difference between an effective teacher and an ineffective teacher? Read more...

Adjust Your Teaching to Meet Kid's Learning Styles If you have worked or learned about anything educated-related ever, you have already heard about Mr. Gardner and his Multiple Intelligence Theory. Read more...


Don't Feed the Children Teachers work hard. We plan the lessons, select the texts, write the questions, and prepare the materials. If we are lucky we do this during our conference period, but more often than not, we do this work on our own time. Read more...

Mini Size Your Lessons There is a box of Premium Mini Crackers sitting on my kitchen counter. It occurred to me that instead of "super sizing" everything, more and more companies are beginning to "mini size" products. Super sizing is out and mini sizing is in. Same goes for lessons. Read more...

Differentiation in the Classroom What does it mean to differentiate in the classroom? Our classrooms are filled with students who have a wide spectrum of ability levels and learning styles. It is up to us to meet their individual needs. Read more...

Building a Positive Classroom Environment: Using Sign Language Signs  Classroom teachers are always looking for strategies to help the students in their class to get along with each other. Read more...

Learner Centered Classrooms Learner centered classrooms are often described by onlookers as chaotic get-togethers where students seem to be doing more socializing than learning. Read more...


Free Downloads


Out of Pencils Note

Print off this quick note home for your students. Make several copies, cut the notes apart, and place them in accessible place. Students grab a note, sign it, and take it home when they are out of pencils.

Parent Contact Record

Keep a record of your contacts with parents whether it's a note, email, phone call, or conference.


Parent-Teacher Log

Make several copies (front & back) of this log for each student's take home folder. This allows you to keep written communication between yourself and parents. It's great for quick notes and questions.

Absent Notes

Send home a copy of this note to help parents write clear and concise absent notes with the information the front office needs.

Peanut Free Zone Poster

Do you have students who are allergic to peanuts? Remind children, parents, and other staff members by placing this poster on your classroom door.


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