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The reading section is focused on reading comprehension and strategies, vocabulary, literature, and other information for the teacher of reading.




Now Available on Kindle!

Read Aloud Magic: Intentional Teaching Through Reading Aloud

Magic happens when teachers read aloud to their students. Sharing a book, poem, or nonfiction text motivates reluctant readers, and provides rich opportunities to teach with intention. You will learn why reading aloud is an important instructional tool, how to read like a drama queen (or king), how to teach reading strategies and skills during a read aloud session, and how to engage students in thinking about meaning. Read Aloud Magic: Intentional Teaching Through Reading Aloud was written for both new and growing teachers in grades K-12. Although the examples are written primarily for elementary, secondary teachers can apply the teaching strategies to appropriate texts for their classes. This professional learning electronic booklet (9040 words; approximately 34 8 1/2 x 11 typewritten pages) is written for the busy teacher who is looking for a quick read.

Instructional Components of a Reading Classroom

If you walk into a typical elementary reading classroom you will find certain components in place. There are several popular frameworks in which to organize the similar components, but the important thing is the instructional basics. Read more...

Reading Toolbox for Teachers


This section is packed with resources to help you teach reading. Do you need a mini lesson on inference? Are you looking for pages to put in your student's reading notebooks? Do you need a quiz for a picture book? Are you looking for graphic organizers? You will find all of this and so much more. New products and free downloads are added frequently.


Literature Units

This page is just the beginning: literature enrichment units, resources, literature guides, and more for picture books, middle grade, and young adult novels.

Reading Workshop

We have put together an extensive list of picture book titles to use for teaching reading strategies and skills. Do you want to teach questioning or visualization? What about cause and effect or drawing conclusions? Visit this page for easy access to a list of popular picture books that best serves your instructional objective.


Children's Literature Book Nook   

We are building a data bank of children's book reviews. Each book now includes a place for visitors to add your own ratings and reviews. This area is intended to create interaction between teachers, so we may share teaching ideas and possibilities. We now have outside children's book reviews streamed into this page for more options.


Young Adult Books

This section is devoted to sharing the best in current teen fiction. Each book is accompanied with a short blurb as well as a rating of Mature (16 up), Teen (12 up), and Appeal (10 up).


Reading Websites for Teachers

If we could gather up all of the literacy information in the world and dump it into our website - we would do it, but since that's probably not going to happen... We like to stay on the cutting edge of literacy research, theory, and practice at ETS, so we decided to link you up with the best reading websites for teachers. Don't forget to rate each site in order to help other teachers stay informed.

Book to Movie

Read the book first, then watch the movie. We've put together a list of books turned into movies. Compare and contrast a book with a film, discuss visualization and a reader's / director's vision, and explore screenplay writing.

Interactive Books for Children

We've searched the World Wide Web for the best interactive children's books and libraries. The resources we put together are great for whole class instruction, computer lab, and computer / reading stations (centers). You will want to bookmark this page on your school computer as an instructional resource. Now you can rate and review the interactive book sites to help other teachers make decisions about which sites will work best for them.


Literature Circles 

Jumpstart literature circles in your classroom this year! We've put together a page of resources to help you get started and maintain exciting literature discussions. You can now add comments about literature circles and how they are working for you. Share your ideas, teachable moments, experiences and anything else that will help other teachers with their literature circles.


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