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Some books are worth their weight in gold to the classroom teacher. They can be stretched across the curriculum to make connection after connection. We are beginning a section to showcase the best teachable books we come across. We want this section to really grow. If you would like to contribute information on a teachable book, please email us. Please use the same format you see here. Thank you for your contribution.

Counting Crocodiles by Judi Sierra (K-5)                         

Illustrated by Will Hillenbrand

Published by Scholastic   ISBN 0-590-81930-5

Summary:  A clever monkey convinces crocodiles to create a bridge over the water under the pretext of counting them.

Genre: Pan-Asian folktale

Vocabulary:  sour, steamed, sauteed, pureed, puckered, delectable, crocodile, private, appeared, vicious, feasting, fearlessly, suspicious, delicious, crusty, snorted, lurking, galore, disappeared, tickling, mohawks, juggling, polka-dots, cavorting, impatiently

Reading Connections:  Nonsense words (Sillabobble); Rhyming text; Context clues (vocabulary); Text-to-Text connections (Goldilocks); Cause and effect; Foreshadowing (picture clues); Alliteration; Nursery rhyme (butcher, baker, candlestick maker picture clues); Circular text structure

Writing Connections: Retelling a folktale in your own words

Math Connections:  How many crocodiles are in the water? (Be sure and count the crocodiles on the end papers before reading the story.) The final page has an accurate number of crocodiles.

Social Studies Connections:  What is an island?

Science Connections:  Monkey, fox (mammal); Crocodile (reptile); What is the difference between a crocodile and an alligator?; Plants (banana tree, lemon tree);

Cooking Connections: Cooking terms (boiled, fried, steamed, sauteed, pureed)




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