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Science Slideshows

  Chicks and Eggs

This slideshow is perfect for second graders studying the life cycle of a chicken. It's a great way to introduce your chicks unit.

  Going Batty

Elementary students will enjoy this batty slideshow. It's all about bats, and includes a link to the "Echo the Bat" story. This slideshow also includes a question and answer session.

Snowflakes Slideshow

This slide show is a great addition to a unit on snow or the water cycle. Show it after reading Snowflake Bentley (Caldecott Medal Book)


Start your magnets unit off with this introductory slideshow.


Social Studies Slideshows

BUY NOW   America the Beautiful PowerPoint

This 36 2007 PowerPoint presentation includes the lines from the song America the Beautiful and gorgeous photographs.

BUY NOW   Elementary Map Skills PowerPoint Bundle              This bundle includes 4 PowerPoint presentations for elementary students. They are short enough to use for a mini lesson to introduce the concept. This bundle includes: Compass Rose, Map Grids, Map Keys / Legends & Symbols, and Different Kinds of Maps. You will receive a zip file with 3 versions: 2003, 2007, and PDF.

BUY NOW   Texas Our Texas State Song PowerPoint                 Each line of the song Texas Our Texas is on a PowerPoint slide. Sing this song with your students. It is a 4th grade level TEK in Texas. 


This slide show includes pictures and short captions for different types of landforms.

  Language Arts Slideshows

BUY NOW  Punctuation in Dialogue PowerPoint (03/07)  Teach your students the parts of dialogue, punctuation within dialogue, how to notice and pay attention to written dialogue in stories, and how to write their own dialogue. This zip file comes with a PowerPoint (2003 & 2007 versions + a pdf that can be used as transparencies) presentation that will help you introduce dialogue. The presentation includes quotes from literature and student tasks for writing and revision.

BUY NOW   Daily Root Words PowerPoint  Available in versions 2007 & 2003. Each slide contains a root word, definition, and sentence. Teach one root word a day! 97 words.

BUY NOW  Writing Storyboard for Students  Available in PowerPoint 2003 & 2007. Students read and follow the directions on the PowerPoint slides, and fill in the slides with information about their story in order to create a story board. This activity helps students to organize their thinking and get them ready for writing. Add this PowerPoint to your student computers and use it as a center / station activity or use it as a shared writing model.


  Trait of Ideas

This slideshow is a perfect introduction to the trait of ideas.

  Trait of Organization

This slideshow is a perfect introduction to the trait of organization.


  Beyond Revision

Beyond revision is a slideshow designed to help students kick their writing up a notch. Learn some great techniques for writing!

  Grammar in Context

A perfect addition to your lesson plans, Grammar in Context is a slideshow to help students transfer grammar knowledge to their writing pieces.



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