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Disclaimer to Parents and Teachers: As far as we are aware the following sites are family / kid friendly; however, parents and teachers should always monitor their children while using the Internet. There are pop-up ads on many sites, and it's always possible that children could follow various links and end up on an inappropriate site. By clicking on the following links you are agreeing that you will not hold  Effective Teaching Solutions  responsible for any inappropriate content that your child may come in contact with from this point forward. It is your responsibility to check the sites and monitor your child's use of the sites. These links are provided as a service and no promises or assumptions can be made about the content within. If by chance, you happen to come across inappropriate content through these links, please email us so that we can remove the links immediately.

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You can play fun games right here on our site. Just click on a game and play!

Math Games

We've searched the world wide web for the coolest online math games to help you work on your math skills and have fun at the same time.


Do you need to do a research project or paper for school? Are you interested in a specific topic? We took the time to find kid friendly research sites for you, including our own eSearch pages.

Learn a New Skill

Take up a new hobby and learn something new. We found everything from music to gardening sites for you to start up a new project and learn a new skill.

Interactive Books

Read, listen, and watch interactive story books for kids.

Children's Authors

On this page you will find links to your favorite children's author websites.

Poetry for Kids

Read and write a poem. We've gathered all of the coolest poetry sites for kids on this page.

Publish Your Writing

Do you love to write? Did you know there are places online where you can submit your writing for publication? The sites listed here publish kid's writing.


We've found everything from games to science fair projects for you. Many of these super science sites are interactive and animated.

Cool Sites for Kids

There are some way cool interactive, animated websites for kids on the Internet. We've search for the best. Check them out.

Arts & Crafts for Kids

We've found lots of great sites with instructions to hundreds of awesome arts & crafts projects.

Videos for Kids

You can watch t.v. shows, videos for kids, and movies online. We found a bunch of  kid friendly video sites just for you.

Factory Tours

We found lots of fun virtual and video factory tours. Learn how different products are made.





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