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Disclaimer to Parents and Teachers: As far as we are aware the following sites are family / kid friendly; however, parents and teachers should always monitor their children while using the Internet. There are pop-up ads on many sites, and it's always possible that children could follow various links and end up on an inappropriate site. By clicking on the following links you are agreeing that you will not hold  Effective Teaching Solutions  responsible for any inappropriate content that your child may come in contact with from this point forward. It is your responsibility to check the sites and monitor your child's use of the sites. These links are provided as a service and no promises or assumptions can be made about the content within. If by chance, you happen to come across inappropriate content through these links, please email us so that we can remove the links immediately.


We've searched for the coolest science sites online. You will find everything from projects to experiments,

interactive and animated sites, and tons of information on every science topic imaginable.

Click on the panda to visit the website.

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Bill Nye is the coolest science guy around. Check out his site, find out about his television show, and learn all about science.

Science with Me

Science With Me! is a free educational science website for elementary age children. Their website offers science animations, movies, games, science coloring book pages, worksheets, fun science projects for kids and stories to help young children learn scientific principles and science the fun way.

Brain Cake

This site was designed specifically to bring science and technology to girls.

Science Explorer

Fun, messy, explosive science experiments to do at home.

NASA for Kids

Discover the Earth at this official NASA site for kids.

Dr. Universe

Ask Dr. Universe science questions.

Cool Science

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute invites curious kids to explore biology...
on screen, off screen, and in between. This site is for curious kids.

Science Made Simple

This site is science fair project central. Here you will find information about the scientific method and lots of science project ideas.

Weather Wiz Kids

Check out the coolest weather site for kids online, created by a real meteorologist. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about weather.

Color Matters

This colorful site is packed with information about the science of color.

Exploring Leonardo

Leonardo is best known as a famous painter who lived during the Renaissance, but he was also known to have a quick scientific mind. His discoveries were important to our world. Learn all about Leonardo at this website.

Sea and Sky

Explore the sea and sky at this super cool science site that is packed with information and pictures.

Science News for Kids

This science site is loaded with information about science topics, science fair projects, and science fiction. You will also find science games, puzzles, and experiments.

Extreme Science

Extreme Science is the place online to find the biggest, baddest, and the best in the world of extremes and learn about the science behind what makes each the most extreme example of its kind.

Infrared Zoo

Infrared light shows us the heat radiated by the world around us. By viewing animals with a thermal infrared camera, we can actually "see" the differences between warm and cold-blooded animals. Infrared also allows us to study how well feathers, fur and blubber insulate animals. As you tour this "Infrared Zoo", see what new information you can gather about the animals here that you would not get from a visible light picture.

Skateboard Science

Check out this site and learn about the science behind skateboarding.

Science Fair Projects

This is the ultimate science fair project site where you can find hundreds of ideas.


Find serious science fun at this site where you can play games, learn wacky facts and magic trips, follow yummy science recipes, and conduct weird science experiments.

Planet Pals

Learn all about the planet Earth at this award winning and fun science site.

Your Weight in Other Worlds

Do you wonder what you would weigh if you lived on Venus? Find out your weight in other worlds at this site.

Animal Planet

This is the official site of the t.v. show Animal Planet. You can learn lots of facts about animals and watch cool videos.

Science Monster

This site has interactive, animated science games that will blast you away!


Take an online tour of Australia's famous science and technology center.

Cool Cosmos

Learn all about infrared light at this super interactive and animated science site.

Amusement Park Physics

What are the forces behind the fun of roller coasters? Learn the physics of amusement park rides at this site.




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